Encaustic Art Work

I did get my iron, but it is NOT a proper Encaustic Iron so I am struggling with producing some acceptable work. I am also using “freebie” wax crayons, melted into blocks.The result is not great but I am learning. With better wax, I will improve 🙂 Crayola crayons are the next best to the real encaustic wax. I have made these into generic greeting cards with envelopes. For sure, you will never see two exact pieces of work. Every piece is unique!

Post Cards From Pictures of My Art Work

From my dear sister’s suggestion, I have made some post cards from pictures of some of my Art work. I will take these to my next Art Show.

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Sun Rays Post Card from my painting

Girl on a Path post card from my painting

Fall scene post card from my painting

Encaustic art post card

Lightening post card from my painting

Encaustic Art, another fun medium!

Encaustic Brown Abstract Landscape

Encaustic Blue Sky

Pink sky, blue green landscape.

Abstract Encaustic

These are my first attempts with Encaustic Art. Fun, challenging, unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nwB3Ec4E0w&t=13s check it out. I have ordered an iron so I can do much more with this fun medium. I have the waxes and the HP

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