Washing clothes in Zaire, Africa

Has anyone, besides our Missionary friends, used one of these to wash clothes?
I guess this “washing machine” would be an antique? It did do the job!

Why should I Blog?

God's artistry unlimited

God’s artistry unlimited, Beautiful Sunset

“In my sunset years” can I produce beauty, like one of God’s glorious sunsets in Canada? OK maybe I’m not quite at “sunset”, however I have lived many experiences through life that need to be shared.

My husband and I, with our four young children ventured off to Zaire, Africa in 1974. God is so good, he walked with us in times of joy, sorrow, heartbreak, danger and  just about every other emotion in the book!

Our first home in Zaire, was a mud house with a thatched roof. It doesn’t look fancy and it wasn’t! Yet it became “home” until we went off to Bumba on the Congo river to study the local language, Lingala. Our home there was much bigger and more modern and literally, on the bank of the Congo River.

Join with me as we laugh and cry, do some traveling and end up back in Canada.
Every step of the way we depended on God’s grace, His leading and His infinite help. We still do…  follow me to see where we land next!

 Our first home in Zaire, Africa.
“Middle Palace” was NOT in the “middle”
and was most certainly NOT a “Palace”! 

Our first home in Africa. "Middle Palace" It was not in the middle and it certainly was not a palace!