EncausticAcrylicArt Shop on Etsy


https://www.etsy.com  in the search box type EncausticAcrylicArt  and that will take you to my “Shop”.

Please go to my Etsy shop and “favourite” my shop and a few of my cards. Thank you for doing this for me.

one of my cards on Etsy.

one of my cards on Etsy.


Tropical Traditions Essential Oils


Click on the logo, then scroll down to read about how the Essential Oils are processed. Impressive!

Also, read the link “Peace with God”, an amazing story.

Healthy (Tropical) Traditions

We just discovered, recently, that Healthy Traditions also carry Essential Oils AND at much more reasonable prices than Young Living.  Will keep you posted as to the results we find with this company’s Essential Oils.