God Works in Mysterious Ways


I listened intently as the guest Missionary; Ruth Ericson shared stories of her life in Zaire, Africa. Ruth talked about her work as a nurse and how frustrating it was to have to do the bookkeeping/accounting because there was no one else on the field to do that job. Ruth went to Zaire to work as a nurse, in the medical field, not to do bookkeeping!
After the service, Ruth and I had an interesting conversation. Ruth said, “So Lorrie, what line of work is your husband in?” I answered that he worked in accounting for The Steel Company of Canada, in Edmonton, Alberta. Her next question hit me quite by surprise, “Have you ever thought of going to Africa to serve?” I’m sure my mouth needed a little push shut before I could respond, “As a matter of fact since I was very young I have thought about missions, but nothing ever came of it. We do have four children, and now it  seems Missionary service is out of reach”. Ruth then began to express the extreme need for someone dedicated to the accounting, bookkeeping, and purchasing aspect of Mission work. She said, “If someone came out to do that job I could be a Nurse and perform the work I was actually called to Zaire to do.” She was torn between the two jobs she was presently responsible for at Karawa, Zaire (The Democratic Republic of Congo) Africa.

Watch for the next step in our process of getting to Africa.       scan0044-11

We packed barrels of supplies for Africa.

A daunting task when you have to guess how much your kids will grow in the next three years!

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