God's Provision, when you trust Him

While in Bumba, studying the language, I had the joy of spending time with Kay in her work with the Congolese women. Sometimes missionaries get too busy to remember their anti-malarial meds. Kay had been at a small lake on vacation and neglected her routine of taking her anti-malarial meds, and when she got home, she began to feel the result of that carelessness. I knew she was feeling very ill, and I also felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit, to go and pray for Kay. I knew we would have a guest for lunch. “But I am cooking food and don’t want it to burn; I need to stay here”. God reminded me that he could look after my food on the stove and I should go and pray for Kay. My thought went to another excuse, how can I, a brand-new missionary, go and pray for one who has been on the field for years? That didn’t work; the prompting just became more intense. So, with more than a little anxiety, I went over to Kay’s apartment and told her that God had said to come and pray for her. Very simply, I laid my hands on her shoulder and back and prayed for God’s healing over her body. I left to finish my lunch preparations; the food had not burned, and all went well through the meal. The next day Kay was back to normal, able to go to her women’s classes and continue as though she had never been ill, just the day before.  We do serve a great and powerful God. We just have to learn to listen when he prompts.

Which brings to mind a couple of girls in the sewing classes I started. I felt drawn to them and asked God to provide the way for me to be able to work more one on one with them.  A  few days later, who should come to our door? Yes, it was those two girls. They brought me a gift, five eggs, a day’s wages, for them. I told them about my prayers for them; they were so excited about coming to learn more about sewing and to find out more about Jesus. When we are willing, God provides a way.

Along with our fifteen-year journey, God answered many prayers, to both big and small requests. When we had unexpected guests for a meal, what can I add to stretch our resources? Please God, some fruit for a salad would be nice. Before the guests arrived, locals had come to our door with a nice variety of fruit for a great fruit salad to go with our lunch. Thank you, God.

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