Letters Out of Africa

Not a palace but it was in the middle, more or less, of the Mission Station at Karawa, Zaire

Not a palace but it was in the middle, more or less, of the Mission Station at Karawa, Zaire.

my-book-coverAs I work on this “book” I struggle with how to tell you our story. Fifteen years of fond memories, some very trying events, frightening scenarios, fun times, tears, laughter, good-byes and about every emotion in a dictionary. Some say, “Write it as a memoir”. 

Without all the letters our parents kept I would be at a loss for important details. I have had input on my cover, mostly positive. Jerry Jenkins suggests more “Africa wildlife” type cover. We were not on “Safari”, we lived there. Lions, elephants, giraffe were never seen by us, so why use them as a “cover” picture?

I want the book to be REAL, to portray life as we experienced it, the good and the bad.

I would appreciate input from you, my readers and friends.


2 comments to Letters Out of Africa

  • Thank you, Judy
    With almost 15 years of letters and a number of Diaries I have lots of material to work with.
    I will write on my website/blog some of which will likely end up in the book.
    I have asked the kids to send me some of their first impressions, what they can remember, of Zaire from their prospective.

  • Judy

    I didn’t realize you are writing a book. I really enjoy your posts, but for me I always want to read more about the topic you are writing about. In other words way too short for me! That is a complement to your writing. Of course I sure don’t understand the world of blogging. As far as animals on the cover – stick to your memoirs and needless to say the fact that you and Gene were there serving in the mission. To me, animals denote vacation. 💕