More Answered Prayer

Kay, the single missionary sharing the other side of our duplex, got word that her mother was not doing well. When one is across the ocean from loved ones, this kind of message is hard to handle. No telephone, no internet, no quick transport back the North America. Kay knew, from my prayer for her healing when she had malaria, which she could come to us for prayer in any situation. She explained the concerns she had and her feeling of helplessness. Should she begin making plans to go “home” to be with her mom? We prayed, giving it all to God, He would show her what He wanted for her and her mother.

The next day was a holiday, and no mail service was expected; however, when we passed the Post Office I suggested we stop for mail. Kay chuckled and said,”You know today is a holiday, there won’t be any mail.” We did stop, and to her surprise, there was mail, not one but three letters from friends at home. Each of these friends told Kay she should come home; her mom needed her. Then Kay said how uncanny this was as these friends did not know each other. We could only say, “Praise God, there is your answer. You need to start making plans to go back to the States as soon as possible.” We helped Kay pack her belongings for storage as she would be in the States for an uncertain length of time. Again, we say, “Thank you, God, for clear direction in a dire situation.” When Kay left Bumba, we prepared for our next adventure in Zaire.

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