More Answered Prayer

Kay, the single missionary sharing the other side of our duplex, got word that her mother was not doing well. When one is across the ocean from loved ones, this kind of message is hard to handle. No telephone, no internet, no quick transport back the North America. Kay knew, from my prayer for her

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God's Provision, when you trust Him

While in Bumba, studying the language, I had the joy of spending time with Kay in her work with the Congolese women. Sometimes missionaries get too busy to remember their anti-malarial meds. Kay had been at a small lake on vacation and neglected her routine of taking her anti-malarial meds, and when she got home,

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God Prepares the Way

Shortly after Ruth’s first visit, Eugene and I were invited to go to Jasper National Park so Eugene could apply for work there. The job was Accountant and Assistant manager for a Lodge, in Jasper. We prayed fervently to be given a clear answer as to God’s will in this life changing venture. Eugene met

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