God's Provision, when you trust Him

While in Bumba, studying the language, I had the joy of spending time with Kay in her work with the Congolese women. Sometimes missionaries get too busy to remember their anti-malarial meds. Kay had been at a small lake on vacation and neglected her routine of taking her anti-malarial meds, and when she got home,

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God Prepares the Way

Shortly after Ruth’s first visit, Eugene and I were invited to go to Jasper National Park so Eugene could apply for work there. The job was Accountant and Assistant manager for a Lodge, in Jasper. We prayed fervently to be given a clear answer as to God’s will in this life changing venture. Eugene met

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God Works in Mysterious Ways


I listened intently as the guest Missionary; Ruth Ericson shared stories of her life in Zaire, Africa. Ruth talked about her work as a nurse and how frustrating it was to have to do the bookkeeping/accounting because there was no one else on the field to do that job. Ruth went to Zaire to

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