More art work pictures added.

I have added more pages of artwork to my website. Hover your cursor over the Encaustic Art Cards or Fine Art America links to click on the options. Enjoy!

Encaustic Art added

Enjoy my Encaustic Art cards. I am having fun doing them and would love to have you, have fun giving them to friends and family.

You can see more options and my Acrylic Art by clicking on the Fine Art America link above.

Encaustic Art cards for sale

I have been organizing my Encaustic Art Cards for color and content, floral, abstract, landscape and so on. I am selling them for $10.00 each, plus postage if I send them to the customer. In multiples of three, $25.00 plus postage.

The card pictures can be framed as a permanent gift.

Every card is unique

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