God Works in Mysterious Ways


I listened intently as the guest Missionary; Ruth Ericson shared stories of her life in Zaire, Africa. Ruth talked about her work as a nurse and how frustrating it was to have to do the bookkeeping/accounting because there was no one else on the field to do that job. Ruth went to Zaire to

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Letters Out of Africa

Not a palace but it was in the middle, more or less, of the Mission Station at Karawa, Zaire.

As I work on this “book” I struggle with how to tell you our story. Fifteen years of fond memories, some very trying events, frightening scenarios, fun times, tears, laughter, good-byes and about every emotion

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Great summer travel

New dresses from Mexico, they will grow into the dresses. Kimia, Charis, and Amana, Terry and Michelle’s precious girls. We did not get new pictures of those two active boys!

God is so good and blessed us with safe travels, a wonderful visit with our son and his family and some great sightseeing besides.

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