We are off to Bumba, on the Congo River.

Here we are in the middle of Africa. Three of our four children are sort of settled into a new life. The dormitory at the Missionary Kids School, Ubangi Academy, “UBAC” at Karawa. This will be home for them during school times. It was heart wrenching to leave those three kids and fly off to Bumba, with our youngest who was not old enough to stay at the dorm.

By African standards this was a very nice, modern home.

By African standards this was a very nice home.

Our home was literally a stone’s throw from the Congo river.

God cares so much for His own, soon Terry had a little Congolese friend.
He still missed his siblings. Then one day a big surprise… one of our yard
workers brought a baby monkey as a gift for Terry.
The most surprising was that he did not ask to be paid, a rarity, for sure.
What to name this little fellow, about the size of a newborn kitten.
He was a gift, the Lingala word for gift is “likabo” so the little monkey had a name.
He was so tiny we decided to shorten the name to just “Kabo”.
He also thought Terry was his Mommy as he never let him out of his sight!
If he did lose sight of Terry he would search everywhere until he found Terry.
Kabo loved to ride around on Terry’s  shoulders hanging onto Terry’s hair.

Kabo could be a bit of a brat, too. One day during “siesta” Terry called, “Mom, come and get this monkey, he’s jumping on me!” I went to Terry’s room and there, sweet little Kabo was all snuggled up against Terry. I went back to our bedroom to rest but soon Terry was calling again, “Mom, he is still jumping on me!” Back to Terry’s room I went, only to find sweet innocence laying quietly by Terry. This time I stopped just out of sight. In a few seconds I could hear Kabo getting on Terry’s headboard to jump again.

Kabo rarely let Terry out of his sight.

Kabo rarely let Terry out of his sight.

This time I made myself known and Kabo knew he was busted!

Kabo enjoyed mealtime as he would sit on Terry’s shoulder and steal food off
Terry’s spoon or fork. Yes, Kabo was a rascal but he was also a playmate and
friend for Terry. At bath time Kabo sat on the edge of the tub, just keeping track of Terry.

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